No business that lacks the ability to transform current scientific and technological discoveries into innovative economic and social benefit can hope to survive, much less thrive, in today’s stiffly-competitive international markets. That being so, Behkoosh recognizes that research and development is crucial to its ability to compete. Having established its leading position in Iran, home textile, technical textile, automotive textile, and functional textile markets, Behkoosh knows that the sustainability of its leadership is dependent on R&D.
Seeking to pursue growth informed by its vision of being a leader who increases market share with products that are customer-focused, innovative, and value-adding, Behkoosh supplies “superior-quality, unique, innovative, and eco-friendly polyester yarns” to many textile manufacturers active in the global arena.
By overseeing the conduct of research and development activities within the company, the Behkoosh R&D Centre supports efforts to enhance the competitiveness of the company’s products in international markets through the development of new kinds of polyester yarn. Employing a team of people who are experienced in such matters as yarn testing and analysis methods, polymerization technologies, yarn texturizing and spinning, colored yarns, and masterbatch manufacturing, Behkoosh gives great importance to its R&D work and it allocates an increasingly greater share of its overall budget year after year.