Alyaf Sazan Behkoosh

This company was registered in 2003 and officially initiated its manufacturing in 2005. Using the best polyester filament yarns production machineries with a daily production of more than 140 tons, this company has become one of the largest manufactures of these products in Iran and has taken the ball of precession from all other competitors.
The products of this unit include:
– Partially Oriented Polyester Filament Yarn
– Fully Drawn Polyester Filament Yarn
– Draw textured yarn
In 2013 with the aim to complete the axle of manufacturing filament yarns, this company commissioned the production line for different types of cardboard bobbins on a land measuring at 5000sqm in area and offered its products to the market under the trademark of Shamim Baharan. Currently this complex manufactures more than 15000 cardboard bobbins on a daily basis in different sizes for use in the production of different types of POY and FDY yarns.
Given the background of Behkoosh industrial group in producing different types of POY and FDY yarns and their full understanding in regards to the characteristics of a quality bobbin has led this company to observe all specific and important factors and elements that are necessary for producing this product, and by continuously coordinating and communicating with the filament yarn production unit, they control the quality of bobbins and resolve any possible problems on a daily basis. All these items will have a significant role in the precise spinning of yarns on the bobbin; its proper appearance and how yarns are released from the bobbins.