About Us

Company’s Outlook

The Behkoosh industrial complex plans that given its strategic goals and with the help of God and the great efforts of directors and employees and by identifying market opportunities, to manufacture products that meet the latest quality level expected by textile and clothing industries, to provide sales and after-sales services, to promote and optimize its position in the region and in this regard, this complex’s outlook will be considered as the following two domestic and international phases:

1- Maintaining first place in manufacturing of different types of filament yarns
2- Turning into the top exporter of this company’s products to foreign markets

Company’s Quality Policy

A summary of the company’s quality, safety and job health policies: 
The Behkoosh industrial complex, a manufacturer of different types of polyester and polypropylene filament yarns in a variety of colors has the main goals of customer satisfaction and continuous optimization of product quality and in line with cooperating in the country’s industrial development and cutting out any dependence to foreign products. This company’s quality management system has been ratified based on international standards of ISO9001 and OHSAS18001 and the following objectives have been set:

1- Offering high quality and affordably priced products to customers
2- Gaining customers’s trust and satisfaction
3- Fulfilling obligations in a timely manner as a role model for performing company’s activities
4- Continuously improving the performance of quality, safety and job health systems
5- Committing to the prevention of workplace accidents and maintaining employees’ health and hygiene
6- Promoting quality, safety and job health and increasing work cooperation and motivation amongst employees
7- Executing rules and regulations relevant with product quality and employees and workplace’s safety and health
8- Using products and services from providers that are approved as far as observing quality and safety issues and their effort is in the path of improving such matters